Surprise suprise, I’m posting about Ryan Spencer. Looking forward to his full part in WTF! The new Foundation AMs are shaping up. Gonna be a good one.


So much flavor with this one! Dyson heads back home to show some love to the park that put him on the map. Mills Ville!

When was the last time you saw someone in Hawaii do a McTwist? When was the last time you knew someone from Hawaii that did a Mc F’n Twist? NEVER! Aaron Lee a.k.a Sunshine, murdered this 540. I would love to see if he could be the first Hawaii skater to enter a major vert contest? That would be dope. Big ups Sunshine & BayVI.

More Four Star. Man, this looked like an amazing trip. Can’t wait for the clips. Legends. Brah.

Ben There Done That.

The homie Skillet has been putting in work for a while with his board and his camera. Here is a lickle preview of his new film, DEFCON HI. Excited to see more local skateboarding.

A little review I did of Since Day One:

Now that I have spent a couple weeks with the new Real Video and allowed my initial impressions to stew a little I finally feel like I can accurately give my two cents. For starters, the video is super sick. No fail. SF roots, dope skaters, dope skating, dope music. You don’t need to read reviews, just pick it up if you haven’t already. It comes with a Gabe Morford photo book as well, and that in itself is worth the measly $22. Modern skate videos are costly productions and I know that overhype is a necessary marketing evil that can sometimes ruin a video, but I learned my lesson. I kept it cool, took the previews in stride, but just seeing Dan Wolfe’s name credited got me super psyched. I myself have been a fan of the brand since its inception over 20 years ago. I followed Tommy G with the Bones Brigade and recall Jim Theibaud’s stand out part in Speed Freaks. F’ yeah Skateboarding!

The video begins with a recreation of the first Real video’s opening with Streets of San Francisco. Anyone born after 1983 won’t pick up on that, but its a neat peice of history well worth revisiting. The Since Day One intro follows with one of my favorite Minor Threat songs Salad Days. I can imagine watching this at the premiere was awesome. Theibaud keeps it real, and I can really feel his involvement and influence in the production. The names of the skaters start popping up and only then it begins to register how heavy these dudes are. I mean you’ve seen the youngins in their shoe and clothing sponsor parts, but this is the first time that they are all in it together.

Since you are gonna buy and watch the video regardless, I am only gonna highlight my favorite aspects. Alabama come-up James Hardy has the opening part and more than holds it down. He is a just a big Zero-style skater that crushes handrails. So much power. He kind of looks like Andy Dwyer from Parks and Rec from a far. Maybe they just got the same build. I am not a huge fan of handrail skating personally, but the risk factor in all his tricks make it really great to watch. When this dude slams, he slams hard. I read about Real making custom ply boards for him because he smashes them into splinters. He snaps his board in the video and you can literally see splinters fly into the air. His last two tricks are pretty insane. You can tell that this dude went for it. Not my favorite style, his photos have always been just ‘ok’ to me, but seeing him in action, I get it. I heard he lives in his car nomad style and just camps everywhere. Righteous.

Young buck Jake Donnelly has my favorite part in the video. For me hands and feet are everything. This guy has a cool puppetier type thing going on. Crazy pop and a natural shifty in all his flip tricks. I have decided that the Library is my favorite newish SF spot. Jake has a line in the middle of his part at the library (nollie flip, backsmith, nollie back noseblunt). It’s one of my favorite things in the video, so fluid. His two last tricks are a switch flip and kickflip. Blasting. I’m looking for more of this dude. Tough kid, he takes some slams. I like guys who lay it all out there. You just gotta respect that.

Huf has a little part, basically just pushing around the city and blasting ollies. Super good! It’s a testament to his legacy and style. He has got to be pushing 40, but still has one of the more classic parts. He can just cruise around and it looks sick. He also skates to The Nerves which is an added bonus. His clips in the Krooked Video last year got me psyched! Huf rules! I don’t want to be negative, but in terms of older street skaters I was pretty excited for Dyrdek and Berra’s parts in Mind Field. I know those guys are busy and have been plagued with injuries, but I kind of wished they would have combined their parts or put select tricks into other guy’s parts. Those guys are so good, why put out average stuff? Huf’s got classic style for days and doesn’t need to flick his board to keep up with the kids, the kids gotta keep up with him. Dude is the best. The boardslide in the opening line is defintely one of the highlights for me. Did I mention he skates to The Nerves?

Young Vans Aussie Chima Ferguson has an outstanding part. I like the way he compresses with his backside tricks. The way he twists is pretty spectacular. The Cass McComb’s song ‘She’s Still Suffering’ is tight, but I kind of wish they used a faster one. I haven’t quite decided yet, I like the skating and I like the song, but it kind of slows down his part. I have a feeling it will date the part down the line as well. You definitely need to watch his part a few times to allow the epicness to register. He throws down pretty hard. I have my quips about Chima’s filming. Some of the spots are unorthodox so they go really wide, but I feel like a bystander watching from a far. I like to be closer to the action. They got real close for Ishod, not sure of Chima’s angle choices.

Justin Brock is no fear, but to be honest I liked his Debacle part better though. Strictly for editing and music reasons. The dude skates the same, fast, buff, high energy, glasses, and lots of flare. You know he is skating fast cause when he snags he takes flight like Raiden from Mortal Kombat. I can imagine this dude rips in real life too. He has so much variety, he truly is one of those skate everything type kids. How old is he? He looks like he could be 28 with that Hootie and the Blowfish-style goatee, but he can’t be more than 21-22. He is always cracking people up. I knew right away that he would be pro. I was not thrilled about the George Thorogood song, personally I would rather have had two Eazy-E songs instead. His mach 1 tre flips across street gaps are the best in the business. Usually when people scoop tre flips long distances the rotation is kind of wonky. They are hurling it and hoping they catch up with it. Not this dude, he is strong enough to spin his perfectly and catch it mid flight with enough time for someone to take a photo and to steez out the landing. Incredible.

This brings us to JT Aultz’s part. Ok, this is how important music is. JT has my second favorite part in the video, largely because of the Egg Hunt song. He skating is balls to the wall. My favorite tricks are the big ass ollies. It’s nuts just watching a huge ollie. Just dudes falling out of the sky. What’s it like taking an ollie off 2 stories? The slam he takes in the beginning of his part is heavy. I read he broke himself to peices on the clipper ledge. Took some time off and went back to it. I can’t quite pinpoint why he is so good, he just is and you have to see it for yourself. This part really is Leo good. Madman. As in life, there are no gaurantees. This dude tries to kill himself on each trick, and apparently he almost succeeded. Noseblunts on rails, though common, are always dangerous!

New Jersey AM Ishod Wair has my third favorite part. To me he matches with Real better than anyone on the team. Just his look and vibe. He is a little of the old and a little of the new. Again with the feet and hands. He’s got it. I love the way Ishod locks in his tricks. It’s gotta be great shooting this kid because of the way he holds his tricks. Shooting a sequence you might have 2 maybe 3 usuable ad photos. He got that Michael Jordan tongue thing going on to. Full concentration and natural skill. His second to last trick, watch that shit. Buyaka buyaka buyaka! Another part which requires multiple views. Damn, I never thought skating would get this crazy where every trick is an ender.

Max Scaaf is great, and I will happily purchase any product he endorses. He is like the cool dude you idolize and want to be like. Plus you wanna skate vert that way. His part is basically a sketch with a few session clips. Again, another legend. So good.

My fourth favorite part, Peter Ramondetta. Street tech gnar ripping to Exodus. He is one of those punk rock looking dudes who you assume will just shralp around the park or do some smith grinds, and yeah he can do that pretty stylishly, but he is flips-in flips-out, switches stance, goes up and over, and all that. It’s trippy, it kind of sneaks up on you. Pure street skating. He looks like he skates a big board with big wheels too. For some reason I don’t like skaters that have small set ups, I feel like its cheating. Kickflip backtails with an +8.25″ deck with heavy ass indys and 54mms just seem more rad. I never rode Thunders before. I just can’t imagine the turning radias being better than Indys with Bones Bushings. Should I try? In terms of set ups I’m a fan of that Eastern Exposure-type approach. Matt Reason’s 60mm wheels still trip me out. I think it has a lot to do with rolling. Look at all those Powell and H-Street vids with monster truck set ups. Look at Video Days. My favorite trick is probably one that Pete did first trick, 50-50 Back 180 out on this loading dock thing. I love that trick. Shout out to Satva and Donny Toy-era. Pete also skates some high Cairo-style ledges to big drop. I like that shit. It’s hectic.

Dennis Busenitz has the curtains of course. Here is the sad part, this dude is so good, maybe the best right now, that you expect to have your doors blown everytime. For Busenitz I thought his part was satifactory. If it were anyone else I would have been rolling on the ground freaking out. There are tons of moments, but over all I didn’t really like the trick selection. I did not think his stuff was as strong as some of the others. I know that is a bitch statement, but the bar is sky high. I mean shit its Busenitz. His part is way good and I do think he is the front runner for SOTY right now, but the hype man, damn the hype! Busenitz has this fast unpredictable style of skateboarding, where it does not seem like its planned out. The tricks lead into each other in such an organic way its really out of this world. And the following trick in the line is always better looking than what you would have imagined in your head. It’s crazy. I hate to be overly critical because the guy is an anomaly, but these were just some observations. He is still the best at what he does.

Over all its a kick ass video, great team. They all seem like stand up dudes fully dedicated. Thank you for making this video. It’s fucking awesome!

We should just rename this blog the Ryan Spencer Blog and some other stuff. This kid is truly ripping, and if I’m not mistaken he is getting more coverage than any other local out there now. Hope someone is saving all his ads. Thrasher loves this dude. So do I, I’ve been seeing him on Tum Yeto trips, and that’s rad, but I can’t help but think that he would fit better with Krooked, or Stereo, or even Think. Anyway, this sequence is insane!! Legit rap.

And if you missed these:

The team has changed a lot since its inception, with Sean Payne & Sean Reily being the only OG members on the team! The new adds are so dope doe! This promo is that good, that im expecting a hella fresh full length. Big ups 808, Chuck, Bedpan, & the crew.

808 Skate, Hawaiis first independent skate shop (Cobras could count as one, but idk) is reopening at a new spot in Kailua. Wonder if they gonna open up the ramp for anyone to skate. Sk-Holla.

I’m a huge fan of these Maui kids. Good vibes. Style is correct.

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